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Team Sylar: Braaains!

Team Sylar: Braaains.
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This is a Sylar/Zachary Quinto fan community.

Team Sylar originated at the Television Without Pity boards. The Team has, over time, grown to enjoy one another's company and this community was started as a place where we can chat about all manner of things in one place. This community is centered around the character of Sylar and the actor who plays him, Zachary Quinto, but posts and discussions are open to any topic. This community is not intended to replace the Sylar thread at TWoP, it is simply a supplement. You do not have to be a TWoP member or poster in order to join this community, however, we do have some inside jokes.

It has been asked, "Should serious discussion be posted only on the TWoP thread and this community reserved for crackiness?" That's up to you. You can talk about anything here. If you're more comfortable with keeping the serious character discussion over at TWoP, that's fine. If you want to post it here, that's fine, too. If you want to post it in one place, and then cut and paste it into the other...I don't care. You might hear some complaining from people who are at both places, but you aren't breaking any rules as far as I'm concerned. It's your decision.

Points of Interest (aka Rules, But Not Really)
-You are free to post or comment on any subject. If you bought a new hat and want to share it with everyone here...go right ahead.
-Intro posts are welcome and encouraged.
-We are all insane. If you had a sex dream about Sylar, if you licked your computer screen while watching a video of Zach on YouTube, if you claimed that you suffered from syphagonnaherpes in order to get out of a bad date, don't be ashamed to talk about it here. We understand.
-Please familiarize yourselves with the terms, "braaain", "not-eats", and "Mohinder". They will come in handy. And they keep the Parkman away.
-Icons, videos, picspams, motivators and other graphics are allowed. Please place anything large behind a cut, or link!
-If you post anything NWS, put it behind a cut and include a warning with either "NWS" or "NSFW"!
-Please don't get nasty (this has nothing to do with Chylar). Discussions with differing points of view are good, but acting like children isn't. If I see name calling, people will get banned. It's a pet peeve.
-No one is required to tag their entries, but since I'm mildly obsessed with organization I may, from time to time, go through the posts and start editing tags. Don't let it alarm you.
-Good grammar/spelling is also not required. But if you don't use it, you may leave yourself open to my criticisms and/or corrections. I used to be a copy editor. It's another pet peeve.
-I try to keep the Team Sylar: This. Is Our Evolutionary Imperative compilation up to date and correctly attributed. If you see something that hasn't been added or was credited to the wrong person, let me know!
-If you have any questions, comments, concerns, I can be reached at resol37@yahoo.com. I check my e-mail every single day unless I'm on vacation.

Mods are: resol37, aelora and jimmiefearsylar. Huge props to jimmiefearsylar for desiging our page.